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ANNA HOCKETT – Impactful speaker

Building Your Personal Brand

Anna Hockett
Anna Hockett

Hi, I’m Anna!

Let me help you or your organization find a place to start your branding journey. I have helped all different types of individuals and organizations more clearly define their brand, their mission, and get that message effectively across all different social selling platforms, and have a unique confidence in person as well. You all have something very special about you, let me help you find it, and hold onto that confidence so you can use it in all things you do.

Finding Your Story

So many of you know you need to start using social media to build either your personal or professional brand, but don’t know where to start. I can’t wait to help you find out more about yourself than you expected, and a plan to start sharing that brand with the world. It truly fulfils me to help people see what I see in them, and find the best in themselves. That is one of the most important parts of starting to build your personal brand. Let me help you!


Making a true, positive impact

What I Offer

Speaking engagements

Virtual speaking engagements

Small round table experiences

One on one training


Keynote presentations

What I Do

Public Speaking

Topics Include

Building your personal brand

Finding your why

What makes YOU special

Branding in a digital age

Brand strategy

Personal development

The power of positive thinking

The attitude of gratitude

"I'm pretty shy when it comes to promoting myself, which is not ideal when it comes to marketing my business. Anna gave me concrete weekly goals for posting on social platforms that have helped me stay focused on creating meaningful content and doing so consistently."

Dana – Attorney

"I didn't think I needed any help with my personal brand, or the company's for that matter. Anna helped my staff and me figure out things that weren't just for posting, but gave us all more confidence and drive in our everyday life and work. Highly recommend."

Jonathan Rick – Business owner

"Anna showed us things we didn't even realize we were missing both on social media, and in our day to day lives. She has a way of bringing out the best in each of us, and we are truly better for the future."

Holly Trinidad – Owner and Managing Broker
Hoff and Leigh Commercial Real Estate USA

"Social Media is what generates my business, so it's very important it's done right. I needed guidance to make sure I was displaying the right content. Not only did Anna help me create exactly what I was looking for, she makes the process fun with all of her enthusiasm. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and continually work together."

Shannon – Interior Designer

“I have always believed in the power of social media but I had NO idea how to use it to promote myself or “my” brand. I was clueless and nervous not knowing how or where to start. Anna made it easy and manageable for me to take small steps just dipping my toes in to gain confidence with it. She has this incredible talent to make people feel safe, comfortable and confident!”

Allyson Thut – Partner Development Manager 

Have another idea? Reach out to me to talk further!